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We’re celebrating Thanksgiving with our HONEY community! Contentos has partnered with us to give out more favorable VEST loan amounts to HONEY hodlers! A total of 10 million in Contentos VEST staking tokens will be available for loans exclusively to HONEY hodlers!

Another reason to hodl that sweet, sweet HONEY!

  • VEST is an in-app token of COS.TV, which can be converted to and from COS with a ratio of 1:1.
  • VEST symbolizes one’s power in Contentos. The main utility of VEST is as votes for Contentos’ Block Producers (BP) & to get returns for casting your votes. …

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In Stage 3 of Honeycomb, we introduced new measures to control the circulation of existing HONEY.

Upon any HONEY reward withdrawal request, worker bees will be subjected to either

A: “Unlock”, where they will have to observe a 72 hours timelock before 100% withdrawal of $HONEY, or

B: “Instant Unlock” where they will be able to withdraw immediately, but will only receive 60% of their total yield $HONEY. The remaining 40% will be destroyed.

Providing clarity to the term “destroyed”, these $HONEY will not be burnt, but instead sent to a smart contract which we have named “GarbageCan”, which is viewable to all in the following…

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This De-Fi component on Honey.Finance extends beyond liquidity mining, allowing more parties to get involved in the farming of $HONEY, without the hassle of adding liquidity on Uniswap.

All you have to do is stake stablecoins in Honey Jar and you shall receive $HONEY as returns!

If you have been following the recent developments within the De-Fi space, NFT inclusion into De-Fi projects will be familiar to you.

We wish to gamify your De-Fi experience by introducing collectible Honey NFTs that can be combined with Level Up Modules to create NFTs of different rarities, which when staked to your $HONEY mining pool, will significantly boost one’s mining power! …

Dear Honey Community,

With the conclusion of Stage 1 Honeycomb, we will be initiating Stage 2 of Honeycomb later today at Block height #11066600, with an estimated start time at 19:00 (GMT+8).

  • 0xa0d395721F34C4F9EDFd0c192C6b676C1E4B8154

570 $HONEY are currently deployed within this address, for Worker Bees to farm for the next 2 weeks, across all 4 pools — HONEY:ETH (3x), YFI:ETH, UNI:ETH & COS:ETH.

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  • 0x50Ef23fC4CEd2283127D10Fe698cd2F57b08f71E

Meanwhile, 3,400 $HONEY + 30 $HONEY is being locked up within this second address, which will only be utilized 2 weeks later, when Honey Jar activates, and Honeycomb is refreshed.

30 $HONEY accounts for the 5% dev fees that should have been minted in the abovementioned 0xa0d395721F34C4F9EDFd0c192C6b676C1E4B8154 contract but we have decided to lock it for a further 2 weeks. …

Dear Honey Community!

Thank you for your active participation in Stage 1: Honeycomb!

We received lots of feedback from the community and are implementing some improvements to Stage 2!

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Stage 2: Honeycomb (Updated!)

Date of implementation: 16 October, GMT+8 timezone

Est Block height: #11066600 ~ #11161600

Est start time: 19:00

Time Period: Est 2 weeks

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Supply: 600 HONEY (0.6% of total supply, linearly distributed)

Pairs to be introduced:

  • HONEY : ETH (3x HONEY) <NEW!>
  • UNI : ETH <NEW!>
  • YFI : ETH <NEW!>
  • COS : ETH
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As we have upgraded our Honeycomb rewards contract, all existing users who have staked COS-ETH UNI-V2 LP previously in Stage 1 MUST do the following in order to be part of Stage 2 of Honeycomb! …

Dear Honey Community,

Before Phase 1:Honeycomb is initiated later tonight, here are some updates for the honey community.

Smart Contract for Honey

The smart contract for Honey has been created and viewable via
As communicated previously, the total supply of Honey is 100,000, viewable via

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In this contract, you can view 4 different contracts holding different amounts of Honey.

  • Phase 1: Honeycomb (1,000 Honey)

0xd4fa82d2bd97d954e7c748dbf533b71a1991e66f — 950 Honey, to be mined by Honey community

0x3eddc2283f1d9247f88a7b7ad77377ec1f52b4ec — 50 Honey, gradually released to the dev team across Phase 1.

  • Phase 2: Honeycomb + Honey Jar (4,000 Honey, Time lock for 2…

What you need:

  • MetaMask for desktop browsers (See Below)
  • Uniswap: How to Add liquidity into COS-ETH Uniswap Pool? (See Below)
  1. After receiving “COS-ETH UNI-V2 LP” tokens, they will show up in your wallet “Assets”. Proceed to and click on “Go TO APP”.
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2. You will be directed to “Honey Finance” where you will be able to farm Honey. Under “Honeycomb”, click on “Start Earning” then “Earn” under “Honeycomb for COS”.

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Honey Finance

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